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Introduction to Part V

Part V of the monograph departs from a critical reflection and discussion of the main themes and learnings that arose during the time I conducted the research presented in this monograph. Thus,  the chapter revisits the initial research questions and asks whether a satisfactory answer can be said to have been reached. Moreover, the chapter discusses the potentials and shortfalls of Urban Seascaping as a critical proposition and methodological mapping framework to assess and discuss Denmark's current coastal urban development models. Moreover, the learnings from Kanten/The Edge competition are also discussed for its future potentials and shortfalls, especially regarding seaweed as a marine nature-based solution. The chapter also indicates future avenues not explored in this research that would be critical for contributing toward the emerging practices of blue urbanism, coastal urbanism and marine landscape architecture.  Finally, I summarise some key findings and reflections that are generalised for broader application.



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