A summary of Part I

Part I serves as an introduction to the foundational context of my research. First, Part I departs by stating the initial PhD call by the Aarhus School of Architecture and its development into three research questions from a transdisciplinary context. The research questions are then addressed in their broader context by critically addressing the key relevant global and local current events, policy changes, and developments that have informed and influenced my research, especially within the past three years of this PhD. By critically addressing the epoch in which my research is situated, I state my research intentions to go forth in investigating my research questions through a single case study site of Vejle. My involvement with Vejle Municipality entails a nature-based design competition for rethinking the boundary between the city and the fjord to protect the city from future sea-level rise and storm surges. I propose a hypothesis which is a neologism and a critical proposition called ‘Urban Seascaping,’ which attempts to answer the research call by rethinking the current way of living just by the sea and not with the sea. The hypothesis presents seaweed as the main representative of the marine world to connect the current segregation between the urban and the marine world. I develop a case for seaweed as a potential actor for rethinking waterfront developments and coastal adaptation strategies and highlight a gap in research, thus, an original contribution to knowledge. Seaweed will be the focal lens (albeit not the only one) to navigate the complexity surrounding the research by presenting opportunities and barriers for integrating seaweed.